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Interactive Workshops
Lively and novel, enjoyable for birthday parties, hen dos and other themed events; get your guests up on their feet and learning to Charleston or Salsa! Our dancers can perform a routine of any selected theme and/or teach an extract to everyone else. Often the hen party ladies perform what they have learnt at the actual wedding too!

Kid’s Parties
What better birthday party than a fun dance class? Our teachers will keep your children highly entertained for a full 90 minutes! Pick your own theme, be it Disney, Superheroes or Popstars, and we will teach them a fun dance to your chosen piece of music.
The class begins with an active warm up before moving onto the teaching of the choreographed routine. Then we shall play some energetic games before putting on a performance for all the adults to see! 

Wedding Services

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Wedding First Dances
Many couples are nervous at the thought of performing the first dance in front of all their friends and families, but we are here to ease your anxiety!
Why not hire a teacher to choreograph your first dance for you?
Rosettas Wedding Services will ensure the dance is perfectly suited to both the bride and groom, and guide and coach them through every step. Everyone is different with different levels of dance experience, so each dance is unique, creating a style and standard for every individual. This can all be done in the comfort of your own home!

All the bride and groom need to do is pick a song – or melody of songs – and we shall create them their perfect dance, whether it be based on a classic waltz or a mixture of fun party themes for everyone to enjoy. 

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