& Vintage

Specially choreographed First Dances....

Just For You.

Lessons are taught in the comfort of your own home!

Would you prefer a classic slow dance? Or a fun medley of party tunes for all the family to enjoy?

1940's themed Military Swing! Ideal for Steam Rallies, Vintage Fares, and other open-door events. 


Glen Miller,            The Andrew Sisters

Benny Goodman,    plus some modern twists!

Paparazzi themed photographers, to make your guests feel like true celebrities!

Roll out the red carpet, and have your guests snapped by paps as they arrive at your venue. All images are available for download afterwards, so you can keep your memories of your special event.


Providers of Entertainment for Meet and Greet, Mix and Mingle,  ​and Dance performances. 

​Perfect for a variety of themes for live events.




Dancers and Showgirls for corporate, private, and celebration events. Simply pick your dream theme, and we will do the rest!

Choose from:

Parisian Can-Can,    Charleston Flappers

Vegas Showgirls,       Hollywood Tap

​Military Swing,         Masquerade 

Rio Samba,                Bollywood 

or Circus Themed Acts

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